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Eco Directive

The Anthropolis goal is to recognize and honor ecological boundaries and live within Earths limits by promoting viable, favorable alternative solutions. With an understanding of how capitalism has redirected our evolution away from nature and toward consumerism we can define what we have lost and what we can do to get back on track. The world we have created is not the be-all, end-all of human achievement. Far from it. There are endless undiscovered possibilities for how humanity could and should conduct itself in a manner which would leave a sustainable world for proceeding generations, the urgency to find and implement alternatives to our current modus operandi is increasing by the day.

It is not hyperbole to state we are living in a hyperobject of our own creation of which we cannot escape. Everything around us has been created to fuel the system of capitalism fed by consumerism — even going for a walk in nature requires a car ride to a trail head and a fee to park. Some are unquestioning and willing participants within this system. Others feel resentment with the knowledge of what is lost. However, all of us – cognizant or not – suffer a loss of expression within our DNA gifted by nature through the slow methodical process of evolution. Senses of sight, smell, taste, touch, and hearing, in all their subtlety. Used not just for survival, but the enjoyment of the smallest of earthly pleasures which accumulate in body and mind and keep us content and connected to each other, and all life within the global ecosystem of which we share resources. 


The further we stray from nature the more we deny our genes their expression and, consequently, the further we drift from our humanity. Entire industries have sprang into existence to capitalize on this deviation. Industries tailored to relieve pain and create false reward through mediums such as pharmaceuticals, alcohol, social media, and divisive doctrine. With an ever increasing rate of suicides, overdoses, and conspiratorial thinking we have clearly created a void to be filled by desperate means.  

What is your perception of progress?
...or this?

In a time of great political divide I want to be clear, my loyalty aligns not with any human institution but with the authority that creates balance and order in the natural world – call it what you will. There is an intelligence in nature that is undeniable, it is the only governance with no other agenda than to preserve life and is the highest authority that should guide the decisions of all who govern the lives of others. It has on display endless examples of rules by which to follow to maintain order within the chaos of the universe and is the ultimate source of inspiration for virtually every aspect of human life.


I was not raised with politics and therefore do not view the world through a political lens. The beliefs I have formed have been acquired through observations in nature and the study of peer reviewed science. However, when it comes to my civic duty I will always choose the candidate who understands science must come before culture, and that culture is evolutionary and must change and adapt. Any politician who spouts cultural subjectivity is demonstrating their inability to see a bigger picture and/or speaking on behalf of corporate industries by invoking basic emotional responses as a distraction and diversion from addressing real issues–some of which we now know to be an existential threat to our existence. The politician who speaks on behalf of nature places life above profit. Decisions made through scientific objectivity remove the cult of personality and make politics quite simple. What is more trustworthy – the laws of capitalism, or the laws of nature?

It is unfortunate that we have become so dependent upon the ineffective system we have created that no leader can honestly express the true scale of our predicament without being ostracized. It is unfortunate that those who desire power are those who have never slept in the dirt, participated in an ayahuasca ceremony, or would ever conceive of the idea of nature as a directive above that of the GDP. 

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