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Additional Dwelling Unit

An Additional Dwelling Unit, (ADU), (also known as a secondary suite, second unit, granny cottage, she shed, etc.,) is a second complete dwelling unit which is legally built within or on the same lot as an existing single family residence. With increases in the price of housing in many cities and suburbs, an increased awareness of the costs of low-density car-oriented development patterns and an increased need to care for the aging baby boom generation, ADUs have been promoted as a beneficial option with increasing acceptance.

An ADU can be a complete independent living facility with a kitchen, bathroom, and private entry; or serve other purposes, (or combination of purposes), such as: 

  • Small Home

  • Guest House

  • Art Studio

  • Yoga Studio

  • Exercise Studio

  • Climbing Gym

  • Sauna 

  • Hurricane Shelter 

  • Home Office


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