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Order In Chaos

The Order in Chaos series is a study in suspending anthropomorphic and cultural conditioning for the purpose of viewing the sentient experience at its most fundamental level. It is intended to use the universe both literally and metaphorically to evaluate humanities place within the environment from which we spawned – and on which we depend. To recognize the relevancey in the equity of all life at a time when we desperately need to unite as a species, for our sake, and for that of all other forms of life our actions influence. It has become imperative we remove the human centric ideologies perpetuated by outdated religious doctrine, which for too long has led us to believe we have dominion over all life and resources. It is important we see through the, corporate controlled, political use of nationalism, race, and gender as a means of creating cultural division as a diversion from the real issue — the undeniable reality that the constant growth model in support of GDP is unsustainable and sowing chaos within the order created by the universal intelligence we are bound to.

Any mention of spirituality, energy, god, etc, are terms used as theory to describe my personal views developed from my interest in the scientific study of universal laws which assemble the elements necessary to give all life structure and consciousness. It is my belief that spirituality can be explained by science. The question is, will we as humans – with the perceptions we are bound to – ever truly understand that of which we cannot see. Given the fact that dark energy makes up approximately 70% of the universe and is not affected by space and time, quantum field theory is currently the most viable area of study for attempting to gain an understanding of life and consciousness. 

Nature Nurture

Evolution Before Culture

The intelligence which creates physical order from the chaos of the expanding universe, it seams, has benevolent intent. However, it is also limited by the processes of time and accretion. Species which evolve alongside each other compete for resources yet are reliant on one another in a sustainable ecosystem – guided by the impulses and intuition imbedded within their genes through the slow, methodical process of evolution. It is to the benefit of beings who have won their place in an ecosystem – through trial and error – over millennia to honor the success of their senses, and utilize them to take what they need from their environment. But to do so without disrupting the systemic equilibrium and creating chaos for themselves and, consequently, all other species within.

All members have a responsibility to honor their host by knowing their place and contribution. Species who develope tools of communication may create deceptive culture for the benifit of tribe or self. Doctrine which plays on the vulnerabilities of the species and contradicts their genetic impulses acquired through molecular exposure of the environment in which they evolved. Culture then past down through generations which validates self importance, and entitlement. Culture unquestioned, which will ultimately expand to resource accumulation for the lives of a few at the expense of many, and inevitably lead to ecological collapse.

The Spectrum of Sentience

The Spectrum of Sentience

The perceptions of all life forms are limited by the senses developed through the evolutionary genetic process within an ecosystem and resources it provides. We spend our lives swimming through a stream of molecules which influence our behavior as we search for rewards that provide comfort for our physical bodies while we strive to remain toward the center of the spectrum of consciousness. We, like planets near a star, flourish in the Goldilockszone, stray too far out and we freeze, get to close we burn up. We use words like bright, sharp, warm, connected, and close to describe positive emotional states. For those in the fray we use words such as, dim, dull, cold, detached, and distant. We intuitively sense something we once understood that is slowly slipping away with the weight of our physical reality and passage of time. Something we fear loosing that gives us purpose and makes life worth living. Something we sense we knew as a child but has faded with increasing momentum as we spiral out from the center with age.

The Trauma of Sentience

The Trauma of Sentience

The spectrum of trauma is a place of chaos. A place in which no sentient being wants to be and all within desperately want to escape – by whatever means possible. Some individuals who exist within this realm may feel sadness, rejection, and hopelessness and may be a danger to themselves. Others may feel anger, blame, and resentment for those they feel are responsible for their tendril into darkness. The more existing in the trauma spectrum, the stronger the accretion to those who reside toward the center. It is therefore the goal of advancing species to prevent every member from exclusion from the light and to recognize their collective failure to do so is counter productive to the goals of evolution.

Culture, like nature, is an evolutionary process of trial and error. It is essential for advancing species to recognize what has proven success and what is failing in order to prevent catastrophe. This is especially true of species who have reached the point of dominion over nature but who have not yet developed a system for preventing their members from divergence into trauma. Any species who has reached an evolutionary epoch, such as the Anthropocene, cannot afford to have leaders intent on sowing discourse and rejecting the reality of their environmental predicament. It is therefore important to evaluate the spectrum position of those claiming insight to recognize those  with malicious and narcissistic intent. Those who have lost their sense of unity and exist in the realm of blame, resentment, and tribalism. The accretion of these individuals will ultimately increase chaos, if given a voice.

Intro to Baryum

Intro to Baryum

Can a species which has rejected its nature thrive, or even survive? Is it hubris to destroy the system from which it evolved for the sake of a few of its members with less consideration or outright disregard for other species with whom they share resources? If departure from an evolutionary state through the manipulation of molecular processes and experiment with industry and unsustainable energy proves a failure, will it recognize that the pain of the collective divergence into trauma is caused by the sensory neglect of its own genetic construct and the alternative toxic environment it has created?

The process of evolution constructs life in a manner which promotes unity, balance, and equilibrium within an ecosystem to maintain order. Every advanced species understands the importance of protecting all members from trauma, not only for morality but self-preservation. Order is the ultimate goal of evolution for the sentient baryonic experience in the realm of the physical. Only cultures created through the study and implementation of universal laws found in nature move past their consumer driven adolescence and survive annihilation.

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May 03, 2022

"It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light. —Aristotle Onassis"

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