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Evolutionary Ecology

What would you say is the habitat rating of your home? That is, what do you perceive to be the degree in which your home is integrated into the land on which it sits? How much of the original vegetation still exists? What animals are still a part of the ecosystem? What level of connection do you feel to the environment? It could be argued that no plot of land has ever been improved by the modification of man, not from the standpoint of the ecosystem which has evolved in a given location. The best we can do is strive for minimal disruption by understanding – to the best of our ability – the intertwined intricacies of the life which resides within and how to be a part of it.  

Can human habitation be respectful to the land it occupies? Within the process of design, where is the line between homage and hubris? Can a structure serve as a reminder to our connection to nature and convey respect and honor for the authority which governs, not just our existence, but all life? 


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