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The Apropolis objective is the creation of a sustainable model for human conduct with respect for ecological laws and future generations. What would a community look like if we were to suspend all cultural influence and monetary policy for the purpose of creating a model for habitation based purely on current anthropological and ecological understanding? What if we were to use the most advanced technology and biomimetic inspired design and materials for the creation of a sustainable infrastructure which honors our connection and dependence on nature. What if we honored and applied the subsistent and sustainable wisdom of cultures suppressed by colonialism? It is time we ask ourselves — had we been presented with alternatives at the onset of the Industrial Revolution, along with pros, cons, and future outcomes, what would our world be like today? What choices would we have made had we been given agency to do so?

It takes a village...
raise a village.

Our cars are a big part of our lives. In fact, it is difficult to imagine life without one. Without a car how would we get to work, bring home the groceries, get home to the suburbs, or the vacation house in the country? But have you ever imagined what life would be like had all the inginuity, resources, labor, and land been used for other purposes? What communities would have replaced the suburban model and what meeting places could replace the parking lots in the city? Have you ever concidered the value in the flora and fauna which existed in the places now occupied by roads, freeways, parking lots and parking structures? Was there adventure and connection to nature to be experienced under the 4.19 million miles of asphalt?

Apropolis designs coming soon.

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