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Freelance Consulting

I have had the good fortune of working with many talented and inspiring designers, architects, and builders in Hawaii, California, Oregon, and British Columbia. Through knowledge gained from the diverse perspectives of others, I continue to evolve my design approach and offer my services to those in need of assistance with design and presentation. However, as with the growth of my portfolio, so too has grown my awareness of increasing inequality within communities and over-consumption of those who have profited from the expanding wealth gap. For this reason I will no longer participate in projects which exceed in excess of the reasonable needs of clients, and/or negatively affect the greater community. This includes second homes and projects within gated communities.  ​

Plan Development and photo-realistic rendering consulting services offered: 

  • Small Home

  • Additional Dwelling Unit (ADU)

  • Shelter

  • Guest House

  • Product / Furniture

  • 3D Design (BIM / CAD)


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